Monday, August 31, 2009

Okay, So I haven't been on here in a REALLY long time. (Sara has informed me) Well my life is pretty much completely different now. I am married and have 3 kids! Macklin 6 Braylon 4 and Lancer 1. I am enjoying married life. It is amazing! We have so much fun together. He is so cute to Lancer. The best dad I could ask for. Well I don't have too much interesting stuff to talk about so I will write more later!! Love you Sara.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here are the pictures from my wreck. It was ridiculous... I am so frustrated by it. I want my car back. Then I will probably sell it. Anyway these are pictures of my car and his car. He definitely got more damage.. which it was his fault so I don't care too much. Oh did I mention he doesn't have insurance.. WOW!! 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mr. Independent

I remember sitting holding my newborn baby and thinking how wonderful it was to be a mom. I didn't think about how he was going to grow up and how he wouldn't need mommy anymore. I didn't think about the times when he would cry and then stop as soon as I laid him down. Why would I think this would ever happen. This is just proof to everyone that Lancer is practically grown up. He doesn't need mommy to feed him anymore, he steals the spoon and feeds himself just fine. And if she tries to steal it back... I don't even want to think of that. He is on his own now. Pretty soon he will want the keys to the car and then he will be getting married. I didn't sign up for this whole growing up fast! I thought it would go by a little slower then every said. But everyone was right... it goes by fast. Too fast. I honestly want to cry when I see how small he used to be. But I made a goal to just enjoy every moment of his life. It only happens once. Why be sad when he gets bigger?? I will have plenty of time for more babies (don't worry, it will be in a long time, when I marry my prince charming...speaking of him.. I guess i will save that for another post) I love being a mom, but if any of you have ideas of how to make them slow down on growing, let me know!!! P.s. The brick on the head doesn't work. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life Size Barbie doll!!

So My friend Nate came over with his two kids. His daughter asked me if she could pick out what I wore to church, So I said of course :) She picked out my white dress and pink heels. She then picked out my make up (Bright purple eye shadow and teal green eye liner) After that she put my hair in pigtails with green hair bands and a hot pink hairband around my hair. I then put make up on her and did her hair. (She picked out the accessories) We looked fantastic! After we got all pretty, we danced! It was so much fun. Her lil brother loved the camera on my computer and just sat in front of it forever! These are the things I do when I am bored. So I will never grow out of the dress up stage! Not a big deal. :) 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My mom's wedding is next week!! And this is as far as we have got on my dress... *sighs* But it sure is cute so far! I am so excited for her wedding. I was a little iffy at first but now he is part of the family. He is hilarious, respectful, genuine and much much more. (You just have to meet him and you will see what I am talking about) Anyway, THE WEDDING... It is getting stressful now. We have to finish the invitations (I know I know we should have sent them out already!) We need to finish the dresses. And tons of more stuff. But hey, this is just teaching me to not procrastinate my wedding.. Which by the way will be in approximately 4 years.. haha. Well I better go and sew some dresses! 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

2nd Hair cut!!

Ok everyone, Here he is!! The most amazing baby in the world! Lancer McKayden Morgan! We love pictures so we will have a lot! Lancer is pro at posing for the camera now. If I hold my camera or phone up to him, he immediately stops what he is doing and looks straight at it. Just like his Mommy! (I am not vain okay?) I just like memories!